Welcome! Traveling American artist / researcher, Hector Kim (AKA: H. Kim) specializes in fine art travel photography, documentary film production, and East Asian cinema studies. Kim is an award-winning, published visual artist whose work have been shown and televised globally. This website features a collection of Kim's photographs, films, television work, and books. The prints and merchandises of Kim's fine art photographs can be ordered directly from the website front for non-commercial purposes including private display, and the purchase orders are processed by U.S. based SmugMug Inc. Note that purchase links may not appear on devices with a limited resolution such as smart phones. To ensure the quality of each final image, Bay Photo Lab, a world-renowned professional photo lab located in California, is used in the printing and packaging processes. Bay Photo Lab ships internationally. In addition, Kim's photography book PhotoMazing Thailand is now available in both print and ebook format on

Picturemaker / Author / Traveler

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea by a Confucianist father and a Christian mother, Kim moved to the U.S. as a teenager. Kim enjoyed his successful career in California as a filmmaker / dot-com-producer. Kim founded Saram, Inc. in the state of California, and created promotional films and online contents for numerous fortune 500 corporate clients including Samsung, Canon and NBC. In addition, Kim filmed and/or photographed many celebrities in the entertainment industry including the Dustin Hoffman family, Don Henley of the Eagles, and the Katzenberg family of Dream Works.

Kim's passion for learning has taken him to many places around the world. After getting his B.A. in cinema from Columbia College Hollywood, Kim moved on to Europe in order to broaden his perspective. He read postgraduate level film theories at The University of Nottingham, U.K., and was awarded an International M.A. / M.S. degree with distinction in Asian studies by Lund University, Sweden. Marco Polo says in his epilogue of life, "I haven't told the half of what I'd seen." Kim wishes to do the same for himself, and share such spirit with fellow pilgrims of life like you. Come join Hector Kim fan page on Facebook for news and updates on Kim's upcoming books and exhibitions. Kim welcomes constructive criticism and loves to share travel stories with the world through photography.

Kim now shares his time between Seoul, Bangkok and Stockholm, persistently challenging himself on intercontinental projects. For project consultation or commercial licensing of an image, please fill out and submit the contact form with a detailed description of your inquiry and contact information. Thanks for stopping by.

Recent Publications

Pix, October 2013 Issue, Featured Artist

Art Elemento, February 2013 Issue, Featured Artist

PhotoMazing Thailand, 2010

South Korean Cinema and Hybridity of East Asian Identity, 2010

Through Time and Space with People, 2010

Exhibitions / Awards

Art Talk, a Gwangju Cultural Foundation & IAC Group Exhibition, Gallery Stonehenge, Gwangju, S. Korea, 2012

The Nude Collection, an IAC (International Artists Community) Group Exhibition, Gallery Golmok, Seoul, S. Korea, 2012

The 38th Korea Tourism Photo Contest (2010): 1. The Science in Rice Paper; 2. Through Traditions, Onto Modernity.

Projects / Clients

Rule of Circle, director / editor, independent film

City Guys, editor (opening title), NBC sit-com

Samsung, director / editor, promotional videos

Canon, director / editor, promotional videos

Different Strokes, editor, feature film

LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

The Dustin Hoffman family

Don Henley (The Eagles)

The Katzenberg family (Dream Works)

Hector Kim
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